Hey Weeirdo T-Shirts Have Arrived!

Hey Weeirdo T-Shirts Have Arrived!

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Woooo! The day is here! Strip off whatever you're wearing because I've got something new for you to slip into...

Finally... I'm excited to announce that I've finally added Hey Weeirdo t-shirts, sweatshirts and crops in my shop!

The shirts are all unisex fit, come in supersoft fabrics in a range of colours and sizes and feature most of my favourite bizarre art.

If you are looking for weird shirts that go hard to spice up your next family gathering, then peruse my range of weird, bizarre shirts.

I've had so much fun translating my illustrations into something that's wearable, and I can't wait to see how you bunch of perverts style them...


Here are some of my personal favourite Hey Weeirdo shirts and sweatshirts that are now available in the shop!


1. GRIMASS unisex shirt

The real start of Ronald McDonald land, GRIMASS prefers greasy fries over greasy guys any day of the week.

Shop GRIMASS sweatshirt here


2. BLOBBY unisex shirt

Imagine you're just kicking back, enjoying the sunshine, when all of a sudden the sunlight is blocked by a big sexy amorphous blob squats above your face.

Shop the Blobby tee here


3. ONLYFINS unisex shirt

Subscribe now for more slippery watersports than you can poke a sea cucumber at!

Shop Only Fins t-shirt here!



.. honestly I am here to fuck spiders. Awkward. If you're Australian, you know. Now available on a t-shirt, crop and sweatshirt.

Shop the I Actually Am Here To Fuck Spiders shirt!


5. FURBY FURBABE crop tee

She's got a BBL and a dirty mind. I know Furby Furbabe is one of your favourite designs and now she's available in a crop, t-shirt and sweatshirt!

Shop Furby Furbabe crop tee!


6. WANNA GET HIGH? sweatshirt

Some people get their highs from dropping acid or snorting a cheeky line, others like to taste toad juice for that DMT high.

Shop the Wanna Get High? sweatshirt!


7. HORNY GOAT WEED sweatshirt

All I need is good weed, a silk dressing gown and some sweet treats for when I get the munchies.

Shop the Horny Goat Weed sweatshirt!


8. STUCK IN THE MILF sweatshirt

Why do MILFS keep getting stuck in stuff?! Fresh loads and dirty knickers all day every day around these parts!

Shop the Stuck In The Milf sweatshirt!


PS: enjoy a cheeky 10% off discount when you subscribe to the Hey Weeirdo newsletter.

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