PERFECTLY IMPERFECT sticker bundle (10 pack)

PERFECTLY IMPERFECT sticker bundle (10 pack)

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Receive 10 different Hey Weeirdo stickers for a fraction of the price when you grab one of my PERFECTLY IMPERFECT sticker bundles!

The stickers you'll receive are ones I've decided haven't cut the mustard.

The issues are so minor that you probably won't even realise there's anything "wrong" with them.


Typical defects may include:

- stickers that have been printed too large or too small.

- small tear in the backing paper.

- a design that's now out of stock or never made it to the shop in the first place.

- tiny air bubbles.

- outlines that have been printed slightly off centre.


Every sticker still sticks, is waterproof and scratch-proof. 

Each bundle includes 10 different designs.


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